Many of us have dreams – wonderful dreams – that have every chance of becoming reality if only we had dared. But because we don’t dare, dreams die without ever being born.


Months ago, I sat on the beach in distant Phuket and talked to someone about the things that mattered deeply to me once upon a time. We talked about children who were born different from the masses, namely children with special needs. He – the person I was speaking to – works with these special children. He has such lovely compassion for and empathy with those under his care.

We talked about the challenges that these children face from an unkind, ignorant world that expects them to behave ‘as normal’, when in reality, their world is scary. I had lived in the periphery of that world as a parent, and had given talks sharing my experience as well as ran workshops:



If you pause to take a second to imagine (not that you can) how nerve-wracking it is to live in an environment where people spoke a different language, where time frames are different, where noises are loud and every corner is full of unknowns, you will begin to understand just how different their world is.

But not many people take the time to understand, to step out of their busy lives to glimpse a world beyond their own.

This man and I talked intensely all night, finding common grounds, mutual passion and a simple desire to make the world a better place for these children.

And last night, months later from the memorable conversation on the beach, I booked my flight to Stockholm on impulse to work on this book I have been carrying in my heart for such a long time. The investment is less than 110 euros for the flight, and as with dreams and reality, I am now committed to earning at least 110 euros from this new book.  It sets me on fire!

Because dreams are for coming true, if we only dare to live. Live yours ❤

Photo on 5-10-17 at 9.52 AM