One of the things that used to frustrate my minimalist partner about me was my tendency to fuss about carrying water and cash with me whenever we went for our run.

“Don’t worry, Jac,” he would sigh in exasperation.  “You won’t die of dehydration.”

“Go for a 7km run without water? In the tropics?” I would glare at him incredulously.

“You are fit and healthy, so yes,” he said. “Heck, it might even do you good. You know, like a fire drill. Get your body practicing on how to function outside its comfort zone.”

His belief is that we grow fat and lazy in the land of plenty, and our cells slowly lose their ‘sharpness’, namely their ability to function outside its comfort zone and when not cushioned by excesses. (This is why fasting periodically has been proven to be beneficial to the body).

This past week has been a period of personal growth for me, a time to take stock, to come back home to where I feel most safe and most at peace. Slowly, I began examining one by one of my challenges, issues and hang-ups.

Indeed, I fuss too much about food and drink and cash. Maybe it is a function of being a mum.

So I thought I’s try another modus operandi for a change: I fed myself proper energy food, and set off for my run without water or cash. I ran free, unencumbered, as my partner had been advocating so strongly for years.


I did 13 km, spanning 3 countries – Monaco, France and Italy – in comfort and ease – without any portable sustenance. I felt exhilarated. So maybe my partner does has a point after all.

I think it’s good to reexamine our fixed beliefs and hang-ups now and then, in order to grow ❤


  • Disclaimer: discuss with your medical doctor before attempting this.