Last week, my partner brought his sister to my parents’ house for dinner.  My parents had never met his sister before, as the siblings were separated when he was eight-years-old and his sister four. Imagine my parents’ surprise when the 42-year-old paediatrician standing at their doorstep was the young girl they knew from their Hong Kong days (the girl had gone to live with an aunt after her mother died). What’s the probability of that happening?

Another incident of coincidence. I had promised to make my pasta-loving priest some spinach and ricotta ravioli. I couldn’t find ricotta in my local supermarket.  It is not the sort of thing that is popular with Thais. I was complaining to several friends that I will have to go to the expat supermarket quite a long way off from my house. There were a few tubs of ricotta there, at exorbitant prices. As I resigned myself to spending loads of money on cheese, I walked past the bargain section. And what did I see? Tubs of ricotta marked down, at a fraction the original price. Coincidence?


My daughter thinks these two events are merely “the mathematics of very large numbers”.  If enough people knock on my parents’ door, then it is not a surprise that someone from their past turns up in their present. Same with the ricotta. Supermarkets have marked down items, don’t they? That it happened with a rare product just when I needed it was well, statistics.

But I rather think, there are complex forces at play that we do not yet understand. The magic of this world: the blend between our consciousness, Higgs field and the physical laws of nature with our material reality.  All are created of energy, so it is not farfetched that they are all inter-related.

A few days ago, I awoke to an email from my own Hotmail account notifying me of an event that a person set in motion years ago. Though I am no longer in contact with that person and have very few mutual friends, by strange coincidence, one of those mutual friends mentioned him that morning. And as I was getting out of bed, my daughter brought me a card written by that person’s mother to my daughter, which had been buried under her things for years.

“It just popped up this morning,” she shrugged.

Coincidence? I think not. It’s a case of many related things coming together like waves in different parts of an ocean converging, a confluence of energies in systems that we are just beginning to understand.  The fact that we are all inter-connected in some deep and complex manner by intangible, invisible strings that makes up our material reality.

I open myself up to the possibilities of this magical world.