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This is Shatua, mother of three from Syria, who now lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Her teenagers are like yours and mine – good kids trying to get on in life. But for them, life is a thousandfold more difficult. They used to be university students, now the boys are doing menial work to support the family whilst Ayda is trying to finish her education (and I am doing my best to help her).

This morning, Shatua was brought to the centre run by Humanwire to Skype me. We talked, mother-to-mother. I have basic Arabic which made her laugh and cry at the same time. It’s Ramadan, they are fasting. They have not had any meat (no money). I am sending them some meat for Eid.

It’s so easy. Click on the link below. Any sum is good. And there are no administrative charges levied by Humanwire. Everything goes straight to the family. Please help me to make their Eid a good one ❤ It’s so easy to reach out. Any amount makes a difference, because it comes with your intentions ❤