You know, it is very difficult to get started again after your engine had stalled, especially if the road ahead is uphill.  I have lost my way a bit, and had not written a book in three years. Before that, I had written books that won awards, though not huge wads of cash, but I was getting there, slow and steady.  Then I derailed.

You need to be alive and inspired before you can write a good book, I think.  You need to be able to reach deep inside yourself to dig out nuggets of magic, to connect, to feel.

I did it, hesitantly, tentatively. For my 17-year-old daughter. An Evening In Wonderland – A Brief Story of Maths, Physics & The Universe was born.

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And tonight, almost six months later, I received news that my tentative little venture is one of the winners in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards in the Young Adult Fiction category.

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I dedicate this sweet little win to my soulmate in memory of the day he sat cross-legged in this little hut in Mai Khao, Phuket,  reading this book and saying to me with his big grin, “Jac, acceleration is a vector quantity, even I know that.”

Always putting me to right, fighting me, taking no hostages, but there for me when it matters, with the right words. Words that healed and brought me back to live.

Like you, my fiery Cambridge boy, I don’t know many things, only your words at the important points in my life. I hear them reverberating in me. In sickness and in health – dare I say it –  you loved me. Thank you.