Thank you all for being part of something amazing.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about Ayda.  She was an ordinary 24-year-old Syrian girl living a middle class life in Syria with her parents and two brothers. She was in her second year at university studying biology (her brothers too were university students, one in computer science and the other in dentistry). Then they had to flee their home. They moved to another part of the country but their father was arrested and beaten. They escaped to Lebanon. The boys now do menial jobs to keep the family afloat.  Ayda stays at home with her mother. I spoke to her and it is obvious that she is depressed with her situation whilst her mother tries to keep up a jovial front. I wrote about their story here:  Send Love and create a future for Ayda

I reached out to you all to be part of what I do. Everything counts. Everything helps. Everything matters. Every penny from you go straight to Ayda, because Humanwire takes no cut (the organisation asks for help with costs separately).  Even $10 – the cost of a bottle of cheap wine – helps a lot. More than the monetary amount, I think, because each gift is a positive affirmation that we care.

And here’s a big thank you to you all.  WE have raised enough money for Ayda’s fees at a public university in Lebanon (about $650) and she will begin applying soon.  I think we have done something amazing together, thank you. Here’s mother and daughter saying thank you to you ❤

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If you would like to contribute to clothes for the family, please click on this link. I have just sent some eggs and stuff to them.

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