A few days ago, as I was out running, I saw a frog trying to climb out of a huge drain in the middle of the road. It was struggling ever so hard with its thin arms, but before I could do anything to help it, a car came by and squashed it.  I felt inexplicably sad for the frog, because it had struggled so hard to get out of a deep hole yet along came a car and it had not been spared.

A few days later, its carcass was still there, dried by the sun and mummified into its death spot.  You could still see its tired eye.


And I thought, maybe life is like that.

We pray to be saved, but sometimes salvation does not come.

But death – not only of our physical selves, but emotional selves – means an opportunity for rebirth, for moving on to another plane.

I write this for the writers who wrote to me recently with stories of betrayal, of being knocked over again and again, of dogged determination that only brings more pain, of the struggle to get up every morning to face another day.  Often, it is loved ones who inflict that pain.

But if you subscribe to the family constellation model, both the ‘victim’ and the ‘perpetrator’ have their own specific roles to play, to enable life to unfold in its rich, myriad and often unexpected pattern. Understanding and accepting this frees us from hate, anger and confusion.

Yes, you do get knocked down again and again, and you try again and again to stand up. And sometimes, like the frog, a car comes along and takes away the very last thing you have. But please don’t despair. Instead, be prepared for the new life at the end of this road.

How do I know there is one? Because I was once the frog. BELIEVE that there is another life ahead, a better one ❤

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