Maybe many of us have not failed on an ‘epic’ scale. Maybe we have always had option to walk away from something that is not working before it collapses completely. Maybe we have never wanted something bad enough to fail on this scale.

We put too much emphasis on success and not enough about falling over, struggling, preservering

We are too focussed on an easy life (and perhaps we bring our children up to think of this as norm), to the extent that when things get difficult or uncomfortable, we run off to find new pastures. Never mind, can throw away, everything can be replaced. Can it? If we think deeply, we know that some things (or people) are so precious that they can never be replaced because they’re once in a lifetime.

Or we teach them to chase success, value it to the exclusion of everything else, that when success is not shining, we crumple up in a heap instead of using the rock bottom to build a strong foundation from which we can rise stronger and higher than before.

“Using the rock bottom to build a strong foundation” are the words of JK Rowling.

Today, I am writing to humbly ask you to consider joining me on Humanwire‘s programme to help those who have reached rock bottom. Humanwire is a charity that does not take a percentage of the donations you give or the funds you raise (it has a separate fund-raising part to raise administrative costs).

Last week, my campaign to raise money for Ayda’s university fees had been reached. Thank you. In the process, I have gained more members for my global family, for Ayda and her mother Shatwa have become friends with me. We chat on Skype (Humanwire provides translators if required) and they have enriched my life so sweetly.

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You can read Ayda’s story here.

It’s ever so easy to be a host. You can support and existing campaign, or lead one (which was what I did). I wrote about Ayda and shared it widely on social media. She became my daughter of sorts in that time, as I stayed close to her to understand her story and transmit it. It is such a positive and productive way to use our time on social media!

Please click here to sign up and please don’t forget to use the code LIFEGO.ME. Thank you.

Here are some kids on Humanwire. Please reach out to them during the festive season of Eid, even if it is just to send them a dozen eggs ❤


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