Three years ago, I thought about buying a cute little house in Clapham, London. It was a sweet little place, in a part of town where there were mostly young families.  I thought about having a free little library outside my house.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 10.13.52.png

There is indeed a movement called The Little Free Library and you can access its website here (photo from the website). Regretfully, this sweet little dream of mine didn’t materialise and I moved on to another life.

But life as it is, once you set an intention in motion with pure heart and good energy, the universe conspires to make it happen.

Today, three years on, it happened.  I set up a little table and three chairs outdoors in another place, in another country.


I don’t have that many books in French, but I left a few out. I put out a bottle of water, some plums and freshly baked bread. And I sat out there.


A lot of people said “Bon jour” to me even though my friend Marion told me they don’t in this part of town. A cyclist (on the Monaco-Nice bike ride, which is very popular on Sundays) stopped and asked for some water. A runner stopped and drank gratefully when I offered him the cup of humble water, infused with love.

An English expat couple who were tickled pink to find out what I was up to.

A sophisticated French lady walking a little dog.  How much for tea here? She asked. It’s free, Madame. And so, she sat down and had a cup on the house. Several of her friends in this neighbourhood stopped to talk to her and soon, I was filling the water bottle up with water and hunting around for more plastic cups.

When my ‘book cafe’ quietened down, I sat down and read my book. Then, a well-dressed older gentleman hesitated, paused, and asked apologetically, can I spare him 50 cents? I was surprised by his request, but I gave him, nonetheless. The light shining from his eyes as he said Merci was worth millions. Who knows his story. We all have fallen on hard times.

As I have, and it was the kindness of people who picked me up when I fell.  For me to be here today, to see a sweet little dream coming true. Have a good Sunday, People, with love from me. I am so happy.