A poor man asked the Buddha,

“Why am I so poor?”

The Buddha said, “you do not learn to give.”

So the poor man said, “If I’m not having anything?”

Buddha said: “You have a few things,

The Face, which can give a smile;

Mouth: you can praise or comfort others;

The Heart: it can open up to others;

Eyes: who can look the other with the eyes of goodness;

Body: which can be used to help others.”

So, actually we are not poor at all, poverty of spirit is the real poverty.


GIVING is an intention rather than an actual act. We don’t have to spend money on our loved ones buying expensive presents and meaningless (expensive) jewellery that carry no meaning but a hefty price tag. I have known a couple of people who are perceived as generous by the outside world by their big words and lavish actions but who in actual fact, are unable to give important things that matter, namely themselves.  No, generosity is not about giving”poorer” people the small change that falls out of your back pocket or treating friends to expensive meals or buying “her Indoors” expensive baubles that mean nothing. Give something that costs nothing in money.

Here are six meaningful giving:

  1. A cup of tea, made with love
  2. A foot massage, given with a generous heart
  3. Touching his/her face gently, with meaning
  4. Waking someone up with a gentle kiss
  5. Asking “How was your day?”
  6. Giving pleasure generously.

Whatever you give, you get back a thousandfold.  When the giving is meaningful, it takes a life of its own, spreading its seeds.

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