Last year, my father’s stomach ulcer burst in the middle of the night. I was in Thailand, my younger brother was in Australia and my older brother was in Saudi Arabia. My 81-year-old mum got in the ambulance with him and was with him throughout the long night.

It comes to us, however strong and self-sufficient we are, these moments of need, where we need someone who loves us to hold our hands and tell us that we are going to be OK. Because human beings are created to be flesh, blood and bleeding hearts, not isolated islands.

Yesterday, two years after the horror of undergoing radiotherapy, I had to go for colposcopy because a bunch of abnormal cells have been picked up in my smear test. And let me tell you, though it was only a minor procedure (but ohhhh, the implications!), it made a world of difference to me to have my loved one by my side, his strong capable hand within centimetres from mine. No words needed, just being there counts!!!!

Note: Two days ago, I wrote an open letter to Natalie Wicks, telling her that her stoma bag and her health challenges are indeed blessings in disguise because they sort out Mr Wrong from Mr Right right from the start. It is better to go through this filtering process now than after you have invested 20-30 years of your life into someone who will run away when you need them…definitely!   You can read about it here.

Main photo: feeling fragile but happy 😀