My youngest child is headstrong, opinionated and strong-willed. Of course we clash. But as I often tell her father (who asks us to stop arguing), I will never stop fighting her to ensure that she leaves home fluent in our family values (maybe that is the Asian in me? Tiger Mum?)

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One of the fights we have is about domesticity.  It is our family way to know how to build homes, which of course, includes cooking nutritious, hearty meals from scratch.  But this girl absolutely hates “wasting time” in the kitchen. I would insist, rather strongly., that she learns.

My mum agrees, but does it infinitely better than I. Yesterday, my daughter plonked a carton of cream on the dining table.


I was about to say something sharp at her tardiness, but my mum beat me to it.  In her gentle voice, she said, ‘Oh, we have lovely jugs in the cupboard, dear. You might want to use one of them, only IF you wish, of course.”

And she did!  Aargh, I think my mum must have several doctorates in child psychology. But really, joking aside, I believe it is all down to the philosophy of Big Love she practices. She loves us all so much and is not afraid to show it, whatever people may say about her spoiling her kids.

“Far better too much love than not enough,” my mum often declares.  Indeed, it is easier to raise a happy child than it is to mend a broken adult. And remember, raising a decent adult goes beyond giving a child a big house, good food and university education. It is in the words that are spoken everyday in the home. Speak Love. Thank you, Ma, for the reminder ❤