Sometimes, you wonder why you do something day in, day out. Where’s the reward??? But “stick to the programme, Jac”, that’s my partner’s favourite saying.


Whenever I am in Phuket, I go to a small yoga class in front of the beach.  It’s the smallest yoga class I have ever been to, but there are three ladies there who are in their fifties who come to class consistently. Rain or shine, they are there.  One of the ladies, she who is most devoted of all, would walk to the yoga studio in her raincoat in the torrential rain on days that the winds are too strong for umbrellas. She would never miss a class. They come to class with a great attitude, and a great spirit, always smiling and happy to be there, always willing to work hard but also laugh at themselves. I am sometimes embarrassed by my competitive attitude on the yoga mat, with my obsession with ‘progress’.

I have been away all summer, and as yoga is not my first choice physical keep-fit programme, I have not been back on my mat for a good six weeks. In that time, I ran endless miles and did weight training.  Thus, I maintained my fitness, albeit with other activities.

But my first day back in class……it floored me, literally.  15 minutes into the class, the hot room just whacked me until I felt dizzy and nauseous.  I cast a furtive eye at the ladies. They were serene and smiling, holding the postures effortlessly.

One of them caught my eye. ‘Lie down,” she said to me. Just before she executed a perfect standing bow pose.

I admired their grace with new eyes.  Sure, they might not have “improved” significantly in their postures despite their years of commitment or achieved the “perfect” bodies, but I learnt one very humbling thing today: inner grace is the most beautiful, the hardest to achieve, and it can only come from one path: being faithful to one.

So I am back on my mat once more, at the beginning level, reminded once more that as with life, we stick with what we set out to do. No running away to greener pastures (which do not exist). COME HOME.

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