I don’t enjoy yoga classes. I would rather be outdoors running. And so, in summer, I treated myself by giving myself time off yoga. I did lots of long runs and hikes instead. I ventured into the gym occasionally to do weights and half-hearted stretches.  I took up cycling.  I even went for a few rolfing sessions and Thai massages where I was pulled and stretched quite brutally.

Photo: my running path, weaving from Monaco into South of France.


I didn’t want to be indoors.

First day back on the yoga mat …. it was tough. I felt dizzy from the effort.


… something clicked into place.  The deepest muscles and the most delicate cervical vertebrae in my body. Parts of me that no deep massage or rolfing or assisted stretch can ever touch.  My body had to find its own alignment, it’s own space, and no one can do that for me. By the first half an hour, though I was struggling mentally, my body was grateful for my efforts in coming here, the way it craved for the deep stretches and strong holds.  Without the gratitude of my body, my mind would not have had the fortitude to last 90 minutes on the mat in the hot room.

I am reminded yet again, that we have to be connected to our body. It is our only home. Connect with it, and it will serve you well. If you abuse your body or ignore it (even if you eat expensive food), well…..

I guess it is the same with life. You can pay for most things, but never the most important ones. You can never get the six-pack or more importantly, a healthy body without the personal hard work invested. And what makes the hard work possible is gratitude. 

Like life and love – you get what you put in. ALWAYS.