I have an acquaintance who is a doctor and has a very lucrative practice. Patients simply love him.  He gives them what they want. I was aghast at his prescriptions.

“Ah, but that’s what they come for,” he said cheerily.  And so, he prescribes pills liberally. They are mostly painkillers or vitamins. And sometimes, he gives them injections too. Needlessly.

I sighed in dismay. We do indeed live in a culture where we believe a pill can cure all. Eat expensive supplements, thus no need to exercise. You can buy healthy heart muscles. NOT.  There are no shortcuts, and the long and short of it is, we have to think and be responsible for our own body. Don’t be lazy and trust something as important as your body to someone else, even if it is a professional.  You still have to do your bit and THINK.

Here’s an example: about three months ago, I noticed I had a little cavity in my tooth. It wasn’t painful or anything, but I could feel the little hole with my tongue. As I was in Thailand, I went to a private dental practice. I saw the “consultant”.  She took an X-ray of my tooth and shook her head gravely. She told me that I needed a root canal.

“No way!” I objected, it didn’t feel that bad to me. I didn’t have pain even. I was just begin vigilant.

She pointed my decay out to me on the X-ray and said, “No choice, see how close?”

I inquired about the charges. My god, £250. I walked out because I did not trust her diagnosis.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 13.08.20

When I got back to the UK, I went to my dentist immediately.  What did my dentist say? He wasn’t going to be unprofessional and criticise a fellow “professional”.

“We’ll try without,” he said. ‘I’m going to drill you without any anaesthesia, and if you feel no pain, all good. OK?” He continued. “But do come back if there is any pain at a later stage. Maybe we have to consider a root canal then….and as you know, not all root canals are successful.”

All was indeed good, six weeks later. Just a simple filling. That was all that was required. Cost: £31. Shame to the first dentist I saw.

So moral of this post is, we have to ask questions, not just subcontract everything to others. Think, ask questions, do your own research, and never be too lazy to get a second opinion.