There’s this joke amongst my family and close friends that I light so many candles that I am single-handedly responsible for global warming.  That may be so, but lighting a candle for somebody or an intention is a practice that has been with us since ancient times. And I, for one, have felt its power working in my life.


Years ago,  I felt the intention and love from across the miles illuminating my inner being when a candle was lit and and a yoga practice dedicated to me.  I saw the light and felt the warmth, despite being over 6,000 miles away. It still remains one of the strongest, most powerful experiences of my life. I still feel the frisson dancing down my spine whenever I see this photograph, though it had been years.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 7.38.03.png

Words can be cheap and meaningless, but strong intentions that come from the heart are the very essence of truth.

Yesterday, I sent my good wishes energetically to an amazing family.  I was thinking about the women in the family – daughter, ex-wife, mother, sister, niece – and I feel blessed to know them all. They are loud, boisterous, happy and kind…and a little crazy in the nicest possible way.  Despite not speaking the same language, we laughed all night long.  Their welcome was warm and genuine, reflecting the love in their hearts.  My intention for them is that they continue being happy and healthy and blessed.  May the Long Time Sun shine upon you always x

To do:

  1.  Think about someone or something that you really desire.
  2. Light a candle everyday to him/her/it.
  3. Sit down for a few minutes with the lighted candle.
  4. Send a positive affirmation with the light.
  5. Thank the universe for your abundance.
  6. Do this everyday so that you learn to channel your energy.

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