My mother is very old-fashioned and traditional. And sometimes I think, she only knows one way: despite following my father around the globe throughout his glamorous career, she remains a Welsh lass at heart (and I love her for it). I often think that part of her saved me, and saved many others as well.

Recently, she told me, “Don’t be too proud, Jac. Remember that the best thing you can give a man is your love.”

I wanted to argue, but Ma, I have so much more than my love to offer! But out of respect (and not wishing to argue with her, spoiling a lovely day, I decided to keep quiet).

I thought about it later, and yes, Ma, you are right as usual.  Because when you really love someone, you believe in them. You are their biggest cheerleader. You fill them with positive words and loving thoughts, and you think they are the greatest, the best, the most wonderful (even if they are not).  And that self-belief which you can give someone is like the most important thing you have to give.

Because when you look at someone through eyes blinkered with love and passion, you make the most normal of men into a superhero. Yes, that’s the self-belief working its magic ❤

And this definitely holds true in parenting!