I have a few pairs of biological sisters as my Facebook friends and I often watch their exchanges with warmth in my heart. Sisters are truly special, if you are a woman, and I write passionately about “The Sisterhood”.  For it takes another woman to truly understand you…..and more importantly, to say things to you that a man probably would not do.

I have three soul sisters in the UK, and they could not have been closer to me than if they had been tied by blood to me. And my God, do I need them!


Soul Sister Number 1 is  Carlie. She is my relative. We are not particularly close, but she always appears by magic whenever I need her. For instance, about 10 years ago, I had a raging migraine which made my blood pressure shoot up to dangerously high levels. It happened in the middle of the night and I freaked out. Fortuitously, I was in her house and she put me on her bio-resonance chair. I have not had a migraine since, though I am still not a complete believer of her system. Similarly, in the midst of my cancer treatment, she arrived at 11pm one night. We drank tea and that was it. No serious conversations at all. The next morning, after she had left, I found a book on Soul Groups by the door. It was just what I needed to read.


Soul Sisters 2 and 3 are Anna and Vicky, who are biological sisters. They are truly my soul sisters because they could see what my soul needed even when my intellect fought them. For instance, Vicky sent me to see a faith healer who reads tea leaves. Come on! You got to be joking!  I don’t believe in futures set in stone. As for tea leaves  telling the future, pah!  But Mamma Stevenson didn’t tell me my future. Instead, she told me not to tamper with the universe. She told me about love and trust. And I needed to hear that.

As for Anna, she feeds me and my soul. I wish we live in the same country.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 14.49.50.png

In the last 10 years, I found three soul sisters in Asia. It is quite incredible how we arrived at each other’s lives at particular points in time. Just like the book on Soul Groups said.  We meet people and some will travel the same path with us because we are in the same soul group and going the same way and/or have the same mission. And by the virtue of that, we reach out and help each other along.


I often think about my friendship with Val. Val is at a different stage of life with me: she has young children and she is wrapped up in her job. She is often too busy to chill with me, even online.  And I don’t think she wholly understands me but crucially, we have a deep understanding of each other’s journey. We rock and roll up in each other’s lives to share the highs and the lows and the depths that we can perhaps not share with our ‘real-life’ friends.


I didn’t get to know Moni until we lived in separate countries.  On paper, she is the furthest I can imagine to someone I would consider as my sister. For starters, she is blonde and pale-skinned, too much like the girls who gave me a hard time a long time ago. There are also parts of her that are remarkably similar to my mother, especially the parts I rebelled against.  But staying in her house over a few days (all because I needed somewhere to stay in Kuala Lumpur) made me realise how important she is for my healing process.


OMG, I need her BIG TIME! Yet our life philosophies and religions are very different.  She would tell me, “Marriage is the best thing” or “Women need husbands” and of course, I would rebel against her wisdom. I have told her, hello, I eat pork, I drink, I don’t cover my hair, I don’t pray five times a day. My children engage in premarital sex. But beneath our sharp superficial differences, there is a bond of trust and love between us.  I trust and love her (and I hope she does me) despite our polar differences. And it is our polar differences that makes her so important to me.

She, more than anyone, makes me realise that we are human beings. Human in our biological and physiological functions such as having babies and running homes. But there is a being part of us human beings, the soul part, that learns, evolves, gets rid of old pains, moves towards freedom. Some choose not to acknowledge this part but for those who are open to the experience,  soul sisters are those who are here to help us on this very important journey.

Why is this journey of self-discovery so important? In order that we don’t breathe our last in darkness of our Selves, so that we live, so that we truly live.  I see it as swimming without float, or riding a bicycle without stabilisers, and your soul sisters are the ones who are by your side cheering you on and ready to pull you up when you fall, because they too are on the same journey.