NOTE: This is a semi-lighthearted post.

OK, would you build a car, or something as serious as a car, without some plan? How about if that something is as serious as your car???

When we were young, we kind of cobbled together parts and hoped that the final product turns out as we dream it would….of course it would, the young thinks.  Though I would never advocate sticking rigidly to plans, I think having a general template does help to make the road ahead simpler. I think it’s all to do with realism.

This came to mind as our whole family was advising my second son on choice of a life partner. Someone who is out there with a similar job as his (military) is not going to sit at home and keep the home fires burning whilst he is away for long periods. Similarly, a girl who ticks all the boxes for a comfortable home life would be unlikely (OK, possible, but rare) to be Lara Croft that he wishes to have.

Ditto my case. I want a life partner who would walk hand-in-hand with me on the streets of London at night, dreaming of the home we will buy (I also enjoy looking into estate agents’ windows), instead of one who cusses the rich elite. It would also be lovely if he gazes lovingly into my eyes over the healthy breakfast I prepared with love and nodding in appreciation when I preach about green smoothies, bone broths and acai berries (instead of telling me to “Get a life!”).  But hey, I have to live with it….because in him, I have the man who will walk with me through the less pleasant parts of my life unquestioningly.

Yes, that template for relationship goals – what that is most important to you. I want that old guy bicycling me down some country lane when I am an old girl, who would still love an old crone that I will become ❤

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Main photo: mural in Phuket Town