When it comes to food, I am a great believer in the energy contained within the molecules as well as the actual carbohydrates, fats, proteins, macronutrients and micronutrients, that gives us what our body needs.  I strongly believe in the vibrational energy of food.

When I was ill, I was put on liquid nutrition (a scientific formula to meet my dietary requirements) because my mouth was covered in ulcers.  I went to see a Jamaican faith healer in London, and she advised me to eat ackee and salt fish (which I have never eaten before!) to get some fire in me. I started feeling stronger after that. The downside was in the months following November 2015, I was hooked on Jamaican food and everybody thought I was mad.

Similarly, I know people who spend a lot of money on food and who ate the best organic foods, but who are unhealthy in their minds and guts. A long time ago, I wrote the Kundalini Yoga Cookbook, and the thesis of the book is mindful cooking: think happy thoughts and sing happy mantra when you cook, so that you feed your family and friends with your strong, positive, good vibes.

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Recently, I have been making sourdough bread because I want to encapsulate the happy energy in our home. The loaves have turned out lovely.

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You can find the recipe here.

My friend Susan Orchid Bansin from magical Borneo wrote this:

Yeast made from recipe handed down from generations sold at the local community market for making rice wine. Depending on the type of yeast you use, the rice wine will either be sweet, slightly bitter, etc. And it seems if you place the yeast next to something sour, the rice wine will turn out sour, too. And must always handle the yeast with happy thoughts lest the rice wine will turn bad it seems 🙂


I first met Susan in Kota Kinabalu when she came to Sun Yoga to share the wisdom of her tradition, and have been in love with her world ever since. For Susan has shown me, magic walks on this earth today. Catch it, in the food you make ❤

Main photo: charging papaya seeds to cure my partner of amoeboid dysentery (2016)