There is a certain sweetness to my days, knowing that in a few months’ time, I will be going back to full-time work, and it is solely by choice. And in a sense, despite the idyll of my current life, I am actually looking forward to getting dressed in the morning and going to work in an environment where I will be challenged and stretched to my utmost, where I will be bringing home a significant paycheck for the first time in many years.

What brought this on? Firstly, my youngest  child goes to university in a few months time.

Secondly, my magnum opus Catching Infinity is now safely in the hands of a US agent, and it will take an estimated 2 years (typical time for conventionally-published books) for it to reach bookshops. In the meantime, its prequel, An Evening In Wonderland – A Brief Story of Maths, Physics & The Universe, keeps me busy with book talks and workshops:

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And I feel, it is time for me to.

“You don’t have to, you know,” my partner said. “Only if you want to. You could stay at home and write your books, teach part time at the university in London or something.”

“I know.  I am grateful to you.” And I really am grateful.  If anything, these past years have shown me the generosity of his spirit and his commitment to me.  He has supported me financially all this time, bore the burdens of keeping me, but not once had he made me feel slighted or useless. It has taught me a lot about relationships, that it is give-and-take always, caring for each other alternately, switching roles, but always holding on to the love and respect for each other.

“Who knows, I might even start cooking for you, hey, Jac, when you’re the busy career woman?” he joked.

Ugh, no, perish the thought, but who knows. It would be an interesting shift in our relationship dynamics.

But today,  I am finding great delight in baking bread with flour from my home county –Leckford Estate – that he had brought back from the UK for me.


That simplicity of sitting at home on my own in the afternoon, many miles from London, with my favourite music playing as I kneaded the dough for bread by hand, was a joy that I would not forget easily.

It has been a privilege to be a “kept woman” for all this time – I have enjoyed my time at home tremendously – but I am revving up my four-cylinders now. This girl is on fire again ❤

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