Moran Cerf is a pretty interesting neurobiologist, who looks like the young Richard Gere. He used to be a furniture designer, filmmaker, storyteller, hacker, academician, security specialist for Israel …. and oh, he was listed on ELLE’s list of eligible bachelors.  He now is a professor of neuroscience and business at the Kellogg School of Management and the neuroscience program at Northwestern university. I watched a few of his TED talks and was intrigued.  This is his website:

So what can Professor Cerf tell us about the most important decision we make in our lives? (And that’s the decision to live a happy life.)

Surprise, surprise, happiness has nothing at all to do with material goods or  …. a bigger surprise here, positive psychology. The secret is to choose very carefully who we share our time with.

And here’s the thing: we can’t simply choose to be happy because of the fact that we are affected by emotional biases, and this is why PEOPLE you choose are so important in your life.  Professor Cerf’s research in the field of neuroscience has revealed that when two people are together their brainwaves become synchronised to the point of looking nearly indentical.

How amazing is that!  It means that you can love someone but not be happy with that person (from a layperson’s deduction of Professor Cerf’s conclusion): I don’t want my brainwaves synchronised with unhappy, unkind or greedy brainwaves (though I may love an unhappy, unkind or greedy person, since love is irrational)! Hmmm, my partner and I seem to get on better after he’s been spending time with my parents – must be down to them synchronising his brainwaves to our family frequency 🙂

According to Professor Cerf, we should surround ourselves with people who embody the traits we prefer.

But I guess we kind of know, right, that you have met the person we want to spend the rest of our life with, because being with that person makes us feel good, happy, joyful  and blessed:-)