I have a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy right now. She has shaved her hair off completely, and I think she looks gorgeous! Her eyes really stand out as does her bright smile.

I thought about telling her that.

But it sounds like I am paying lip service, saying empty words just for comfort rather than with any real gravity. You see, I didn’t believe it when one man told me the same thing in November 2015.

He told me that I was beautiful again and again. Even when I was so thin that my breasts look like depleted, empty sacs. Even when I was wearing adult diapers. Even when my ankles swelled up from water retention.

“I like fatty ankles,” he said cheerily.

“You will always be my beautiful girl,” he kept on insisting, and kept his eyes on me only.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 22.04.36.png

…and I kind of believed it after a long while because of the fire in his eyes whenever he looked at me. It was as if he did not see me as I saw myself, but a goddess instead. In the end, I simply believed.  And thus, ladies and gentlemen, began my long crawl out of the hell I was in, and the rest is, as they say, history ❤

The human body is so much under the influence of the mind and the emotions, and we (including medical science) is just slowly waking up to this fact. And here’s saying to my newly bald friend, “You’re beautiful.”