Recently, an incident happened between two young people made worldwide news, though I suspect, the same deplorable practice has happened many times in recent years though it has not been publicised.

A young man and a young lady (in their early twenties) met in Barcelona and spent the night together. In the months that ensued,  a long-distance romance of sorts occurred between the pair (though details are being contested by the young man) which culminated in the young lady boarding the plane from Manchester in the UK to Amsterdam in Holland, with dreams of meeting up with the young man who captured her heart in Barcelona.

When she landed at Schipol Airport, he was not there to meet her. Instead, she received a text that said, “You have been pigged!” with smiley pig emoticons.

“You’ve been pigged” is a practice where men pull ugly fat girls just to humiliate them. It is an awful awful “game”.

I do know of a young lady who was “pigged”. She was already suffering from low self-esteem issues when a colleague lavished attention on her, making her feel top of the world, before dropping her like a rock for no reason (and his sniggering mates making pig noises whenever she walked by them).

Why would a human being want to hurt a fellow human being so badly? 

Sure, young men are affected by peer pressure, but I would say this misogynist seed was sown long before that. The mother-son relationship  and relationship with female members of the family is a man’s first experience of male-female love, and I strongly believe it colours his future relationships.  Experiences in school and with first loves add to what that has already been sowed in the early years.

Years ago, an eminent psychologist in London told me, “A man has to fix his relationship with his mother and his first girlfriend before he can fix his relationship with his current lady.” For these two are his benchmarks entrenched deep in his psyche; he learns from them about all the women in the world.

So to mother of sons, raise yours gently, softly, tenderly and with so much love and kindness that he thinks the sun shines out of the eyes of women and love radiates from their arms. And may he never treats a woman unkindly.