I follow Younes Arar, a Palestinian based journalist and activist who lives in Hebron, in occupied Palestine:

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He is right there, in the thick of things, capturing images that our media do not show. For example, today, he posted  a video of two young boys

kept in cages:

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My finger itched to press the “Share” button. Oh, if only the world could see this! I had an angry commentary to go with my “share” too, had I shared it.

But I didn’t.

I strongly believe that we all have to exercise social media responsibility.  If we see something that angers us, then we should be galvanised into taking responsible action, rather than getting our friends angry as well, spreading anger. For what is achieved by raising the anger content of an already angry world? We only create more divide in an already divisive and angry world.

And scarily, we are being played so ruthlessly by the media.  Here’s an admission from Facebook:

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How many times were you angered by something you read or saw in Facebook? BEWARE!

We cannot fight darkness with darkness. We cannot fight anger with anger, hatred with hatred.  BUT it does not mean remaining silent.

But what we can do is light a candle and share examples of what people are doing so gracefully in the face of the same conflict.  Below are two examples of the people who have lost loved ones, limbs, properties in the Arab-Israeli conflict ….  if they can behave with such grace and dignity AND WISDOM in the face of their terrible losses, we should too, sitting in our safe comfortable homes many thousands of miles away.

“Palestinian and Israeli women demanding peace”. Click here to view.

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“When we are together, we are complete” Click here to view.

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Spread hope, not hate. Write to unite, not divide.