A few months ago, I was given this beautiful glass and bead necklace. The giver had given me this cheap bauble in lieu of an expensive ring; he had bought it from a charming pedlar on a beach in Africa and had worn it round his neck for days until the necklace reached me.

I loved it instantly.  But I was afraid of losing it. He had snagged it once whilst he was wearing it, and had tied the two ends together with a short length of surgical thread.

“Don’t worry about losing it, Jac, just enjoy wearing it, hey?” he said.

Yes, I have enjoyed wearing it, and am ready to ‘lose’ it now.  If my path crosses with a child’s, a young woman’s, or even an older person’s – one who is “right” – then I am going to let this most beloved piece of necklace go, with my blessings. It has brought me much joy.

We learn everyday: pain is often a good teacher. And the beauty of this particular pain is, I believe it will make me a better person. Thank you, my Tyson Fury, with gratitude always for all that you have given me<3