I have a friend who travels extensively, and on her travels, she would seek out old and antique rosaries and necklaces.  They are often very beautiful.  Vivienne then “sells” them for a token sum, which goes to our church fund. Her idea is so that everyone can afford to own something lovely and meaningful.

One day, I acquired a small bag of goodies. When I opened the bag, I was pleasantly surprised to find four little ones.


I was going  to give them to my five children…..but there were only four, not five. So I offered them up to readers of my writings, who had been such a large part of my online life:

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 22.07.04.png

They were snapped up very quickly.

And by good fortune, a friend of mine was prepared to deliver them to another friend, and how lovely, my friend’s son got busy sending the packages off to the new owners of these cute little rosaries.


There’s so much love involved all the way….from Vivienne who collects beautiful things from all over the world to distribute, to my friend who carried in on his backpack across the borders to this little man here …. may they all be blessed and receive happiness in abundance.

And you know, when you spread happiness, it somehow always comes back to you. Like stardust.  Here’s an example.  Three years ago, when I first moved to Phuket, I was delighted to find moringa bushes growing on the hillside by my house.  I began harvesting it and lovingly drying it for someone I love. I grounded it into green powder with my Thermomix and packed the powder up in tiny baggies for him.  “Eat this in lieu of my green smoothies,” I told him.

I’m not sure if he obeyed my loving instructions.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 22.14.11

Later, I found that this plant wasn’t moringa, but something else quite different called Krishna’s Crown. We laughed about it.  “Fortunately, you failed to kill me off, Jac,” he joked.  He would tell people this story again and again.

I then discovered that the Thai and Burmese eat this as a salad. And so I began eating it too. They would laugh good-naturedly at me whenever they see me collecting these leaves in the bushes.

And then today, out of the blue, after a long silence, I received a short message from Africa, “Jac, I saw Krishna’s Crown here and thought about you.”

 I read those words again and again, feeling happiness exploding in my heart. It came from something so small that I once gave with love, and it has come back to me a thousandfold.  Thus, plant happiness always ❤