I have a lady from Myanmar who comes in several times a week to clean my house and do general housework. Sometimes, she brings her little boy along.

He is only a tiny little thing, whiny sometimes, and is quite clingy.  Sometimes, he refuses to let go of her legs. She is of course “less efficient” when he is around, given that she has to stop her chores to cook his lunch, put him to sleep and cuddle him.

She apologises when he makes a mess or makes noise, but I smile at her and told her it’s OK. It is more than OK. I welcome him with all my heart.

My children’s father too, was once a cleaner’s little boy. My late mother-in-law cleaned at the convent and the shops, and she often took her blue-eyed little boy along because she had no childcare.

And what my children’s father remembers with fondness was the immense kindness of the nuns at the convent who used to give him lots of sweets and attention.  Though they were poor, life was rich. His was indeed a blessed life, filled with kindness. Thus, he never envied wealth, for he was truly happy with what he had, thanks to the kindness (rather than toys) that he had been showered with.

I see that kindness in him today, the cleaner’s boy who grew up to be a wonderful father to my children.


May my cleaner’s little boy enjoy the same blessings ❤