It was #WorldAidsDay recently and the BBC released a short segment about women protecting themselves from HIV by wearing a ring that costs $7 a month: to watch, click on this” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>link.Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 16.58.50.png

Though progress has been made in developing vaccines and medication,  prevention is always better than cure. I am quite saddened actually when I had a conversation a few months ago with friends in the high risk category who no longer take stringent precautions, because they believe that medications such as PrEP will protect them.

This coincidentally tie in with two subjects my daughter G is doing for her International Baccalaureate. In Business Studies, she is working on developing a business model for a charity that helps women with HIV.  The majority of these women were infected by their husbands, who had other sexual partners (a few, male partners). The devastation to the family life is catastrophic, and the charity that G is working for helps these women to become financially independent through selling  handicrafts (which they are taught) to support their families. These are some of the beautiful things made by these ladies:

For her Theory of Knowledge subject, the topic G is working on at the moment is faith and knowledge.  Right now, we have too much faith (in medicines and vaccines) and too little knowledge. Only experience (that can only come with time), can tell whether our faith is justified or not. That’s her thesis.

But in the meantime, stay safe. In G’s words, “Trust no one when it comes to your body.”