My mother sometimes exasperates me with her simplistic views of the world, but I rather like this logic of hers. Dear Ma, you make my life so much better with the way you think.


My mother is in her 82nd year, yet I still learn from her on a regular basis. My Sundays are made especially special, because this is the day I chat with her on Skype.

Today, we talked about giving.

She reminded me how much my partner gave me when I was ill, how he patiently rebuilt me back to be the woman I had once been (and much more!). He had cleaned up my mess without disgust on his face, soothed me gently in the night, taught me how to run again and a million other things that he did for me, without a second thought.

I mused to my mother if he was exhausted by all that giving, because once, when I gave and gave with all my heart, I was left beaten and physically ill.

“Oh, I never felt exhausted, not once, in the years I gave to you,” my mum said cheerily. “If giving leaves you feeling exhausted, then you’re giving to the wrong person.”

Can’t argue with her logic 🙂  Love you, Ma ❤

Photo: One of my mum’s very abundant heathers that grows and grows.