My youngest child wants to rule the world. But I always remind her of the small steps that she has to take mindfully, and the small things in life that she has to look after. For a very good reason.


We raise our children with big ambitions. Indeed, many parents call their daughters “Princess”, dressed in the hope that she will grow up beautiful, marry a rich Prince and live happily ever after. The more socialist parents nurture the hope that their daughters will be ‘Game Changers’.  Ditto the parents of boys.  Same big dreams, same fairy tale.

Thus, it is of no surprise that we grow into adults who put a large  amount of longing into the world of make-belief. Sometimes, we even value that above real life and true grit. I once knew someone who would wax lyrical over a lost love – “the love of my life” – reminiscing about sex in swimming pool in Bali and expensive hotels, etc – quite forgetting of course that this great love of his life wanted to date other men, went into internet dating sites, and generally, used and abused him financially and emotionally.

It’s a lesson we learn late in life.  That being grand or having someone grand is not the recipe for true and long-lasting happiness. The happiness that goes on and on in our lives is to be found in the small, everyday things.

Thus, I love this children’s book about little Sally McCabe:

Hardly anyone notices Sally McCabe, but Sally notices everyone and everything. And she does little things, which initially go unnoticed, to make the people’s lives around her better. It’s the smallest actions, from the smallest child, that make the biggest impact and finally garner her the recognition and gratitude she deserves. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 13.32.11

There is no guarantee that you (or your child) can aspire to greatness in life or inspire great love. We don’t live in fairytale land after all. BUT if you can do the small things that change someone’s life for the better, then I would say, you have succeeded wonderfully ❤

And I was just thinking about it, I love my soulmate for the things he does for me that he doesn’t even know he’s doing, like fetching me cups of tea in bed and putting moisturiser on my skin. These tiny little touches that makes my day infinitely better. Oh JD, how you dazzled me with your small things ❤

(Photo: if he had been a cat, this would be he: scrappy old warrior tomcat with tufts of fur missing 🙂 ).

The Smallest Girl In The Smallest Grade, by Justin Roberts and Christian Robinson is available on Amazon.