“Our sex life is just so-so.” But I had very good sex with my ex. Sex was amazing.

Would you say that to your partner? Even if it is the ‘truth’? I asked mine. “What if we no longer set the bed on fire? What if you think sex with me is just average?”

A slow smile curved his lips. “What is this? Middle-aged insecurity?”


“I would say to you, how can I make it better for you? Because if it’s good for you, then it will be good for me, too.”

Good answer, Tyson.

I saw this from Fierce Marriage:

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 7.58.03.png

We need honesty in any long-term relationship, though honesty can be a double-edged sword. But I think with love, we muddle through life together, richer in spirit and peaceful with what we have at home with each other. IF we communicate honestly, without the intention to hurt, but for the purpose of making something better for the future for both, we grow stronger as a couple.

“I wish we have love and honesty between us always,” I tell him sincerely.

“Please don’t nag me,” he replies honestly. “It’s very unsexy.”