Sometimes, people I have never met write in and ask for my advice. Oh dear, I have lived life, but am not an expert, that’s for sure. I have screwed up several times, and can only share my path with you in the hope that you do not feel alone in whatever you are going through or facing. And sometimes, a bit of my kooky philosophy to make you smile and feel better 🙂

Today, I was asked (not for the very first time): should I leave my man?

It was a 30+ year-old mother who asked.

It is difficult.

Women are not programmed to leave men, especially fathers of their children. It’s not just society, it’s our evolutionary biology, too. And often, it is not only about leaving a person, but a dream and a promised way of life associated with that person. According to the Sutras of Sri Patanjali, the fear of death (of a way of life) afflicts even the wise.

Thus, this will never be an easy decision to make:


From my Rumi group:

Know first the reason why you should let go. If it’s forgivable then hold on and be happy.

This is such good advice, better from my standard, “Surrender to what the future holds for you – there will be better to come.” Though I strongly believe that if we live decently and kindly, then there will always be the good you have done for others coming up the road to meet you. You can never get rid of your actions, the good and the bad. X