Exactly two years ago today, my mother gave me a piece of advice that is so her. She said to me, “If someone takes away your happiness, it’s OK, my darling, don’t hate. Because you are due something better in a few months’ time, you shall see. I promise you.”

How do you know, I demanded. How can you be so sure. She often frustrates me. Despite having lived all over the world, she still maintains her unworldliness, and her unreal view of the real world. Which is love makes the world go round. And that all nasty things come out in the wash.

So why was she so happy I will get “bigger happiness”?

“Because you have given love. It will come back to you, magnified.” She said this with a beatific smile that I could not argue with.

But life got worse for me. My heart stopped functioning properly and I almost flat-lined two weeks later. I remember thinking viciously, “Well, old girl, you still think my life will get better?”

But it did. Much, much better. Happier than I have dared to imagine.

“Ah, I told you, Jac,” she said, beaming at he and I. He grins sheepishly (that’s another story).


OK, fast forward two years later. For my birthday, my parents gave me a return flight to anywhere I want to go.

I chose to visit three little boys who lost their mother 18 months ago, to read bedtime stories to them. I flew thousands of miles for three days. I put on my funny hat, read them stories and told them exactly what my Mum had told me, that they are due bigger happiness in the next few months. Crazy, I know ❤