I have a friend who lost his wife nearly 2 years ago. He is now a widower with three sons (triplets aged 6 1/2). They are totally shattered, and the little family is still recovering very, very slowly. I can feel their devastation.

I read to the boys. To give their father a break. Since his wife died, he is the only Storyteller. He had never read to them before – she had done everything for the boys whilst he was busy earning money. Now, he is their only parent.  They cling to him desperately. Nearly 2 years on, his life still had not returned to normal.

I asked one of boys, “What sort of stories do you like? Should I find those about daddies? Or perhaps I should I write one for you, about you and your daddy?”

Like Gruffalo’s Child. Like Daddy Mountain.

“No,” little Berti replied. “I like stories with families doing normal things.”

Tears squeezed from my eyes.

The Chocolate Covered Cookie Tantrum – about a little girl who wants a cookie and throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get it.  Mummy deals with it. Just a normal day. In a ‘normal’ family. Cherish those ❤

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