I was reading translated Rumi to my partner:

I am not asking you
to walk with me
in the moon light
or fly with me
to the far away land of
dreams and hopes,
I am not asking you
to sing to me
love songs
or paint my life with
the colors of rainbow,
All I wanted to know is
if you can stand with me
without any regret ….

When I got to the last sentence, there was a short silence then he burst out laughing like a madman. I’ve not seen him lose control like this for ages. Tears were just streaming down his face and he was clutching his stomach.  He could not stop laughing.

“Oh, Jac, Jac, you’re the best!” He gasped. “Owww, my tummy hurts!”

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“The last bit,” he answered before spasms got him again.

Yeah, it’s a humorous post 🙂 And humour is sexy 🙂

Goodnight, all ❤