If you deeply love your child, he/she will be your greatest source of comfort


Last year, a few days before Christmas, my mother-in-law passed away.  It was expected, as she had been ill for a long time.

But it was still devastating. She had been such a force for good in our lives and such an important part of my children’s father’s life: when he was a small boy, he used to take him along with her on her cleaning jobs as she could not afford babysitters (being a cleaner). And though my mother-in-law was tough and practical (she had a hard life), she was a kind and fair woman with light and goodness in her heart.

What made it worse was the earliest flight we could realistically get on was on Boxing Day, namely the day after Christmas. I worried how my children’s father would cope over Christmas, as most his Christmases had been spent with his mother, who made it very special (despite not having much money).

We were invited to a traditional Buena Noche on Christmas Eve, and then to Scottish friends’ house for Christmas lunch. I could see that he was shellshocked and in pain, but he lit up like a Christmas tree for his youngest child.

You start life with 100 chips. It’s where you choose to allocate those 100 chips – family, career, adventure, personal – that determines what you get from your investment.

My mother-in-law invested all of hers into Family, Her son invested pretty much all of his into Family too (none for career, haha), and I ended up with a man who is a great father.

So, father and daughter reaped the rewards. They laughed and joked and jostled each other – they reached each other at the deepest level, which I could not – and it was fitting remembrance for my much-loved mother-in-law’s fulfilled life. I think she would have been happy to see the celebration here on earth for her life. For she had always laughed when she was alive, especially on Christmas Day when she hit the sherry bottle whilst cooking Sunday lunch for her large family 🙂

Rest in peace, Mum, here’s a photo for you of your son and youngest grandchild with dear friends  x

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 18.01.29.png

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