….screamed several leading publications (including thought leaders) in recent months.

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When New Scientist, my favourite read, jumped on the bandwagon with this attention-grabbing headline, I thought, hmmm, let’s write something about this.

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Sure, we all want the cheeky, sexy partner who looks like a porn star, but honey, will he/she be around for you when you shit in your pants or when you’re scared shitless? (both are facts of life, sadly).

Here’s a simplistic analogy.

About six years ago, I was given a 100+-year-old crucifix by a Georgian family, that once belonged to the grandmother.  I wore the crucifix every day of my life since I was gifted with this sacred gift, and I only took it off once in the six years, when I needed an X-ray.

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Aha, then this Christmas, a girl pal gave me a frivolous, fun choker for a present.

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It was naughty, flirty and fun, and it went beautifully with the dress I intended to wear. For the first time in six years, I was tempted to replace my crucifix. Just for one evening, you understand.

But as I was about to leave the house for the first time without my crucifix, I felt weird. I went back indoors to switch the choker for my crucifix (which didn’t look as appropriate with my party dress). Why? Because that simple Georgian emblem of faith worn by a woman last century has been with me, skin to skin, just above my heart, through thick and thin.  It doesn’t look as sexy as the new choker, but it stood the test of time.

Ditto life partners, methinks.

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