I received many messages in the closing hours of 2017, but the most profound ones were from two ladies who are totally unconnected to one another. One lives in the US, and the other in the UK.

I have never met the lady from the US. She wrote to me, for the first time, on the 31st December 2017 to wish me a happy new year. She came across this blog on WordPress two years ago and ‘read everything because it was free and eclectic’.  Indeed, I write about everything, the minutiae and sometimes humdrum small life of mine, from parenting to food to love to keeping well. The reader said LifeGo.me became part of her life, but it wasn’t such an important part. Until her husband died last year and her world turned upside down, and then she went to this blog everyday because it was a continuity, a normality, in her life. “Keep writing,” she said.

I am humbled and deeply touched by her New Year message to me.

In the two years, I have received lovely messages that kept me going with this blog. I just put it out there, all the tough lessons that I have been forced to learn, the good times, the thoughts, the mistakes, the gratitude. It’s there for those who want or need it, no judgment, for we are all fellow travellers on the road of life.

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The second was from Vicky,who started this blog with me, in an open comment on Facebook. She simply said, “We made it.”

YES. Vicky, Anna and I.

When we met up in November 2015, the three of us were going through a very difficult period in our lives. We stuck with each other, supporting each other everyday, crying together and living the best we can.

And we made this promise to ourselves one evening when we sat in a West Indian restaurant in Brixton, London:

We will get better, not bitter.


And here we are today ❤

May your new year be blessed with light, kindness and love. From the three of us x