There’s food for the body, and there’s food for the soul. And somewhere, there is a crossover.


In 2005, I wrote a book that became a surprise finalist at the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2006, the Oscars of cookbooks.

It had some really lovely reviews from readers, but the philosophy behind the whole book is actually very simple: be present and infuse your cooking with love.

Does it really work?


Home-cooked food made with love always tastes better. This is part of the reason why I still run home to my mother though I turned 50 last year. And there is nothing like home baked bread….kneaded by hand, of course.

I recently made this for a friend who had lost his wife. It’s just a Lebanese bread salad, a very simple dish, but the key thing about this dish is that the ingredients were mixed together using my hands. The tomatoes and olives were squeezed with my fingers to infuse the bread, and I thought about love and good things for the family as I made this dish.

Months later, the friend got his professional chef to recreate this dish. “It’s not the same,” he told me.

It reminded about one Zulu dish I came across when I was researching my book. It was a tiny piece of bread, rolled around in one’s fingers, before it is fed to a loved one.

Try it ❤