In Asia, where I now live, there are several resorts, hotels and restaurants called The Banyan Tree.

Though I love trees, I am not familiar with the banyan. My big loves are the oak and elm, under which some of my best times were lived.


I was curious about the banyan, and then I saw this short clip about a poor farmer in Indonesia who bought expensive banyan seeds instead of cloves.  The other farmers laughed at him, because clove trees provide a relatively quick source of income, whereas the banyan does not. In fact, it does not provide any income. But in his infinite wisdom, this lovely man knew that banyan trees will yield long term benefits, namely, regenerate parched soil destroyed by wildfires and save his people from hunger decades later.  Please click here to view.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 16.11.44.png

Similarly, when it comes to life and relationships, we often go for the tree that gives us instant access to what we want. In my case, I valued having a nice home near my parents and children, more babies, dogs, a horse and a man to fit in with my lifestyle above all else. For others, it might be a luxurious life, travels, adventures. Pursuing those is like planting clove trees, ie. going for the obvious, the low-lying fruits rather than the roots.

For true value is to be found in the roots, in a strong tree that will not uproot in the storm and one that will make the environment better for you in the long term. You might not see the fruits today – or ever – but you will feel them with you always, beneath your feet, making your world safe.

I wish a banyan tree for you ❤