My17-year-old daughter G is going for a trip and I made her food to take along. I can hear her internal sigh: she has a debit card, local currency and her father’s credit card for emergencies. She is the most capable teenager I have ever met in my life, comfortable with international travels, immigration, currencies, etc etc etc. So why oh why is Mum fussing?

Because I love you, And it is my privilege to do the little things for you.

I once made wheat porridge for my partner who was going on a cycle trip, and sneaked it into his backpack (because he hates fuss). Sometime during his ride, the pot opened and sticky porridge congealed up in his backpack and seeped all over his back. He didn’t know what it was, he just felt the stick warm mess on his back, and he admitted he cussed me when he got off his bike to figure out what happened.

So no sticky stuff now, just some bread and cheese ‚̧

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