I blog extensively on parenting – probably because I have survived 30 years of raising 5 children and have an offbeat, hippy-Asian Tiger mum (yeah, schizophrenic, I know) philosophy on parenting – and as such, I am always interested to read articles on the subject.

Recently, Huffington Post rn a very in-depth article, based on a very thorough, massive and well-funded research led by Dr Vincent Felitti  on how badly childhood trauma can affect an adult:

Once the numbers were added up, they seemed unbelievable. Childhood trauma caused the risk of adult depression to explode. If you had seven categories of traumatic event as a child, you were 3,100 percent more likely to attempt to commit suicide as an adult, and more than 4,000 percent more likely to be an injecting drug user.

This has been long known, but Felitti’s large scale research confirms it: depression, anxiety issues, depression, drug abuse and suicides often have their roots in childhood trauma.

What surprises me though is how the healing process could begin. Felitti believes that it starts when survivors of childhood trauma open up to a professional, to discuss the the past honestly and release the old emotions.

The author of the Huffington Post article, Johann Hari, thought that Felitti’s finding was useful (re facing up honestly to childhood trauma).

I know it takes a lot of courage. I wish all who are going through the struggle lots of luck in finally putting the past to rest ❤

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You can read the full article here.