When all is going well, life is smooth-sailing. The cup sits beautifully on the table.  People (friends) admire the exquisite design of the cup. Some covet it even, wanting to own such a lovely piece.

And then storm visits, as it does in life.  The world shakes and trembles on its rafters, and the cup is no longer sitting prettily on the table. It spills its contents all over the table.

What does it spill? It spills out what is truly in the cup, i.e. in the person….at last, you know the contents, rather than just admiring his or her exterior.

As it is often said, you never know who your true friends are until the bad times. You see the depth of the people that you have perhaps taken for granted or overlooked in your busy life when your life goes bad and all fair-weathered people abandon you. You see through the illusions and wishful thinking when the cup spills its content and forces you to see what’s inside all along.

Here I was, in hospital a few days after my 48th birthday. It was the day my world turned upside down, but it was also the day that four angels put it right again. Amidst the spilled contents, I saw some real-life magic and a lot of love for me. I saw what I needed to see, to move on and find the meaning of my life.

The meaning of my life is you, JD, because you gave me my life back, and for never leaving my side when I needed you. I love you, for your beauty when there was only ugliness. So beautiful, despite the chipped, old cup 🙂

Example of the content of his beautiful soul:

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 21.51.38.png

I write this in memory of the young mother who entered the hospital the same day as I, way back in November 2015, who took this photo (because we vowed we would get over this), who sadly died last week. In that time since November 2015, we laughed and we cried, and she got married to her sweetheart. Rest in peace, my friend, and know that we have had some amazing coffee from our illness and had known real love, the type that many people, living for many lifetimes, do not find. We are blessed, truly ❤