The sensory centres of our brains are intimately entwined with the memory banks.  Songs, smells and foods are all very evocative of periods of our lives.

When I ask my partner about what food reminds him most of Indonesia, he would say ‘bubur ayam‘ that he used to eat in roadside waroeng (I was not part of this life) that cost so very little. His eyes would light up each time I make this simple dish, speak Indonesian and fall in love again.

But for me, it is the food I cooked with my German neighbour, Inge. We used to spend a lot of time hunting for ingredients, and we were in and out of each other’s kitchens. I made this simple dish (at midnight, because I was hungry!) and thought of my old friend, as I sat in the dark and ate my “German eggs”. x


The recipe is here. It’s so simple and so full of goodness.