A woman was speaking to her spiritual teacher.

“Teacher,” she said, pondering. “I think I have become better at loving as I grow older, because now, on my third love, life is the best it has ever been. I wonder if my life would have been different, if I loved then as I have loved now.”

The spiritual teacher answered, “You have always loved deeply and with all your heart. That was how you have been taught to love. The quality of your loving has not changed. What has changed is the surface that your love is placed on.  Love is a living thing, like rainwater. If it is in a stagnant drain, it becomes dirty water. If it tries to remain on a hot surface, it will evaporate. If it falls into a river, it flows into the sea and becomes part of something meaningful.”

Here’s the interesting question to think about viz-a-viz relationships, what sort of surface are you?