This is the deal: marriage (or any long-term relationship) is NOT as advertised.  It’s less about the occasion and more about the mundane boring life that comes after.  It’s the hard slog and the endless days.

I was clearing out my daughter’s things and taking them to the charity shop, as well as doing my partner’s boring paperwork for the past two days (solidly) and arguing with him on Skype about domesticity (“Jac, I cannot commit to summer holidays yet. Good grief, woman, I have more pressing concerns on my mind!” or ‘Are you crazy? I’m not moving to Fulham! How many times have I told you that.”).

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 15.05.38.png

I have a bit of a runny nose and I feel annoyed with him for all his annoying shortcomings.

Then I came across this on the Good Living Guide:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 11.59.42.png

Yeah, he’s done his fair share of hospital stays, sleeping on the uncomfortable chair beside my bed, he has paid my bills with grace, and he had believed in us against all odds.

So, it’s good to be reminded sometimes, that there is no free lunch and that relationships are not only about the good times, but keeping faith even when you feel like running for the hills. It’s gonna be worth it in the long run, right? ❤