A few years ago, a couple of my close girl pals were going through rocky patches in their respectable marriages, which the whole town seemed to know about in gory details. Except I, that is. Everyone else seemed to know about the husbands’ alleged affairs and the mistresses.

Throughout their turbulent periods, my girl pals and I continued hanging out, doing our usual stuff. And here’s the strange thing: I must have been the only one in the town who didn’t know the details.

I didn’t ask, because if they wanted to tell me, they would have done so. Moreover, we had something else more exciting going on: I was doing some creative stuff with one girl pal, and the other was turning her hobby into a new career. So we met up, created, chatted and even laughed.

In truth, we are addicted to drama. Like refined sugar and cocaine, it is addictive. Celebrity magazine, gossip columns and reality TV programmes are very popular.

Last week, there was a “real” drama in my life. Oh, it happens quite frequently, and it gives me such a high!  I was out sailing a small boat, a 28-foot racing trimaran, and as I was letting out the genoa, a sudden wind caught me by surprise. The sail started reeling out, tearing the ropes from my hand, and I was lucky that I only suffered skin burns, not lose a finger. One of the hulls of the trimaran lifted up and suddenly, we were all literally in the air, cutting through the ocean. It was like the most exciting thing ever, though my friend Nick, told me that he had an excitement a few weeks ago when a flying fish came flying out of the sea and hit him on the head whilst he was out kayaking.

Last night, I walked out to the beach for dinner.  This was what it looked like (no filter, no editing):


And then within the span of a minute, everything changed and there was a violent thunderstorm. The sea, which had been placid, suddenly looked ominous against the background roar of thunder and torrential rain. We stood under the shelter of a convenience store and watched the drama unfold. I was amazed how the skies shifted and the eerie colours that descended on us.

If I were to write about it, not many people will find it interesting. Why? Because of this detachment to the “real” (natural) world in favour of the artificial one we create.

Last week, Ben Fogle wrote a succinct article about why we need to reverse this tide, to wean this generation living in their heads and back into the glorious world outside. You can read the article here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.19.30.png

For it is out there in nature, out there in the vibrant world and out there in the majestic universe that the real drama is unfolding…..and what goes on out there beats what’s going on inside our heads.

Here’s something really dramatic that’s happening in YOUR world. You can read about it here. Now, that’s REAL drama – earth swapping poles! How WOWWWW is that!

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