When my children were tiny, their playgroup used to organise “Rummage Days”. Each child would bring old toys that he no longer wants, and in exchange for this, he takes home other kids’ old toys. I used to marvel at the fact that my children were so much in thrall of other kids’ cast-off toys, which prompted this article … the adult version.


If you share your life with someone, that person is – by default – your other wing. This is what the word “partner” and “other half” means: you are equals when it comes to money, sex, life plans.

Her contribution might appear almost insignificant in your busy life, but the things she does is not for eyes to see. It’s the nectar for the cells of your body to rejoice in and be nurtured by, the sweetness of life that money and temporary relationships could never give you.

You find your partner’s value in the quiet moments in the morning that she prepares your breakfast and the hours she invests in making sure that you are well-cared for, emotionally as well as physically. For lovingly prepared food does not appear on your table by miracle.

Her value is in the way she holds you silently in her arms when you sleep, her arm wrapped round your waist. And in her smile, telling you she’s not tired when her eyes are closing with exhaustion.

Of course, she does not appear as exciting or even as cheeky as those who are not burdened with mundane routine, the same daily grind and caring for your wellbeing.  Her time is more often than not, spent on you, the family and home, instead of herself. She is often messy to look at, her words honest rather than sugar-coated bullshit. She does not say meaningless self-advertising words to make herself appear “more” to you….she just does it, quietly, in her unspoken daily tasks. In the floors she cleans, the comfort when you’re sick and in the way she opens the door for you when you come home, that’s where you find her value.

So pause, and contemplate these words:


For my partner, who shows it in the look in his eyes, rather than words . Thank you for this life ❤