Sometimes, when you feel good, do you wonder where that came from?


My partner and I seldom go away for holiday because we love being home in our little nest. But a couple of days ago, when I had to go to a hospital in Bangkok for a check-up, we decided to take this opportunity to have a break.


Being in Bangkok was so different from my life for the past few months on a small island, and it felt great to be back in the middle of a busy city.


But on the way back to the airport, the traffic jam was horrendous.  It snaked on and on, barely moving.  I felt myself getting impatient and snappy.

And then I thought back to what someone I knew had written about Bangkok in his Facebook posts and smiled myself, someone called Antonio. I was thinking about him probably because it was his birthday yesterday.

I hadn’t actually been to Bangkok with Antonio, who had been very dear to me. We met in Jakarta, and have travelled to the meaningful places, he to London to visit me, and me to Italy to visit him. I remember in particular the long train journey from Milan to Balzano with him, on the way to the ski resort Vigilius on the Austrian border. He had closed his eyes and meditated on the journey, and to be honest, I have never felt so peaceful in my life as I did with him. So inspired was I that I contributed to the resort’s blog, Mountain Stories.

“What are you thinking about?” My partner asked and took my hand. “You were smiling.”

“Antonio,” I answered honestly.

He paused and then nodded reflectively. “Antonio. He has contributed to the beautiful person you are.”

I thought about Antonio’s bag filled with goodies from Milan for me when he came back from a business trip. I had felt so joyous when I opened his bag that day in Jakarta. I love Italian pastries: I loved going to the deli near his apartment in Milan and buying the same sweet things. Oh, vin santo and cantucci, too. How I love them all! That joy was now shimmering luminously in my heart, though I was sitting in a taxi in Bangkok with a different man.

“He had made you happy,” my partner said, touching my face. “I can see it in your smile.”

Cherish the experiences that made you ❤